Saturday, December 12, 2009

Slumber Party Survived!

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Last night Geeky Girl had a couple of girls over for a slumber party.  I had gotten tons of snacks for them, including a request for sundae makings. There was popcorn and pretzels and hot cocoa. We'd downloaded Elf.  Geeky Girl got out some key Wii games.  When they arrived, we ordered pizza--cheese only, of course.  They ate picnic style on the floor.  After dinner, the silliness began.  They watched tv and commented on the relative cuteness of people and on their acting abilities (wow!).  Geeky Boy was the recipient of a giggle fest.  There was a ghost story, which meant a trip upstairs to discuss the story and request that the lights be left on.  They never watched Elf.  Instead, they put on music and took turns pretending to be in a music video.  They did eat sundaes and pretzels.  And I think they mostly enjoyed themselves.  They were asleep by 11:15.  I'm about to make them waffles for breakfast and then everyone's going home.

I don't remember ever having a slumber party myself, only going to them.  We certainly had plenty of room for one (unlike in my current house--more than 3 invitees would be pushing it).  At my slumber parties, we had seances and played truth or dare.  Someone's hand always got put in water, a bra got frozen, and sometimes conflicts broke out.  Compared to those, this was tame.  Maybe kids just don't do those kinds of things anymore.  Geeky Girl did mention wanting to put whipped cream on someone, which I forbade for fear of it getting on the furniture.  Maybe they needed a critical mass of people (which, thankfully, we'll never be able to fit in our house) and an instigator.  Whatever kept them from the crazy antics of my childhood, I am grateful for.
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