Monday, November 09, 2009

Tween takeover again


Hello people of Earth, Mars, and Wisconsin it is Tween Takeover Monday! Moving on I have been asked a question from one of my "fans" and they have asked the same question to my brother. "How do you feel about screen time for tweens?" he asked. I thought this question was too hard to comprehend so I just feel like giving you a picture of ducks:

I'm just kidding! Here's my blog about screen time for tweens:

When I get up in the morning I feel a sudden urge to dance, but I don't. So just like computer time I want to, but I can't or don't. Why you ask, why does she choose not to play the sims 3 or runescape, why? Because I have work to do of course but also because I don't want to become addicted and end up failing school because I play videogames instead of do homework. You don't want that, do you? (those of you who said yes think about when your 27 and your still stuck in the 10th grade) I know everybody says school is boring and we shouldn't have homework, but think twice the next time you are out at recess(younger kids) or you are in study hall throwing paper airplanes(older kids) think about how much fun school actually is. Don't waste your time on computers do your home work and then you can enjoy the sunny, or snowy day.

Please leave comments if you want. Thanks again, Stephanie. (AKA Geekygirl)

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