Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today in my social studies class, we enter the 1880s with imperialism. It's a very strange idea and concept, and personally, the separation from poor and rich, making them very far apart. Anyways here is how it went down.

Imperialism, for those of you who don't know, is one nation controlling another for five different reasons.

Economy: Of course making money. We'll do anything to get some moneys. Sweat shops, cheap labor, whatever.

Exploration: Some people wanted to explore these uncharted areas. I think this is really a lame coverup reason of some of the other things.

Political: Power! That power hungry white folk of the European countries ate up all them countries. All of Africa was controlled by Europe except Etheopia and Liberia.

The last two are Religious and Idealogical, but they are basically the same. Ideology back in the day that white people were superior and primitive. To save these people they bring them Christianity, all in the mean time, white dudes are taking everything they own.

Now I write this to show you what I have been learning, but I would like to hear what your learning experience was, whether it was in the 90s or 20s.