Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am now officially a Shakesperian

Hello fellow shakespearians I am geekygirl coming back for TWEEN TAKEOVER!!!!! If you are not a shakespearian please tell people near you to gasp for no reason. If you are a shakesperian congratulations you won a car. To get your car please go here: An Unknown Planet in a Different Galaxy. If you are utterly confused of what a shakesperian is let me give you some info. I am in fifth grade last year we were thinking how great it would be to have a shakespeare club. Our seminar teacher told us we should make petition and have a parent sign it. The principal agreed that we could have a shakespeare club with a couple volunteers. So in our club we vote on a couple plays and then narrow it down to two and out of that we vote again. This year just about everyone picked Midsummer Nights Dream and last year we did Hamlet which was fun dying.

I want to be Hermia. Hermia is one of the leading characters out of three other ones. I want to be Hermia so bad, but I won't get upset if I don't get the part. I will be sad, yes but that doesn't mean I can't be a fairy or a slob named Bottom.

I would like to see your comments and who thinks I should be Hermia, a fairy, or Bottom. Bye, Geekygirl.