Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Letter to My Kid's Elementary School Teachers

Dear Teachers,

I love you, I do. I know you work hard and often work long hours grading, participating in after school activities and more. Your job is difficult. You have to teach kids who are often squirming in their seats, pulling the hair of the girl in front of them, or passing a note to the kid next to them. I support you in every way I can. I vote for increases in funding for the schools. I pay my taxes. I volunteer at the school and buy stuff so the school has even more funding.

I am willing to do a lot to support my child's education and learning. I help with homework. I provide her with a good breakfast and lunch. I enhance her education by going to museums, encouraging her to read, and discussing current events over dinner. But I'm a busy person, as are most parents. So, I'm begging you, please, don't have a costume, craft, and baked good all due on the same day. I can't sew, nor can most of my fellow parents. Crafts? Foam crafts, sure. You know, the kind you can buy kits for. But crafts involving colonial products? Not so much. Also involved sewing. And baking? Baking I can do, but I'm betting some moms or dads aren't so good at that. And it had to be done after dinner, so yeah, it was late.

I appreciate the concept behind all this and I know, you gave us notice. I know. Did I mention we were busy? That we didn't get home until late? Maybe next time, just one of those things. I could handle doing just one. K, thnx.

Geeky Mom