Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Geekyboy Posts for the first time!

Hello. I think we are all well aware of why we are gathered here today. It is posting time. For those of you who don't know what posting time is, I recommend you learn immediately. I have received requests of what to post about, but like on facebook, requests are really codes for demands. Oh you have a new demand to be this person's friend. What are you gonna do? Say no? No your not that mean and you can't say no. As far as I'm concerned, demands are something you can't say no to. I could do less with these mean demands and I'm just going to do my own thing. I like to talk about me so here are a few things about me.

Blood Type: O (no you can't have my kidneys)
Favorite flavor of ice cream: Bacon
Special Talent: Sneezing with eyes open
Least Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are 2: College Party too Wild for Even the Wild Things

Now that those are out of my way, I can continue walking on the sidewalk. About three thousand people wanted to know what books I read. Its more like a genre as I don't read many series. I really won't read anything that isn't an action adventure. If someone doesn't get stabbed in the Achilles tendon within the first 50 pages, it is clearly not my book. There is a small exception to my strict category with George Carlin. He is a nice guy. Someday, I'll have to bring it a quote or two.

I don't like writing in big paragraphs as I think this is easier to read so I'm going to put my series that I read down here. Now, some of you that are aged 14 to about, 14, may have heard of the series Ranger's Apprentice. It's a wonderful story of a tactical archer that saves the day. If you like a good medieval action adventure this is your book. Unfortunately, only some of the books have come out in America while the others are only found in Australia. If you want to pay more in shipping than you do for the actual book, you are truly a action adventure fan.

I think this is enough for one day. I need to save some ideas for next Tuesday. That's posting day.