Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WoW Wednesday: Gear

A friend wanted me to title this "Still Not Def Capped." For you non-WoW'ers, let me explain. Each type of player needs a certain level of stats to do well in higher level dungeons and raids. Stats include things like defense, spell power, attack power, hit rating, etc. Players who mostly deal damage strive for a hit rating cap. Tanks strive for def (defense) cap. The way to achieve these stats is through a) leveling/talents and b) gear. I'm going to ignore a) for now, but suffice it to say that as you level, you can select talents that increase certain stats. Once you reach 80 (currently the highest level), gear becomes more important. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was slightly undergeared for tanking. Where I'm undergeared is in my defense stats. I'm not def capped. And here I am, two weeks later, sitting in the exact same spot. As my guildies told me last night, I have no excuse. All I need to do is slap the right trinket on, put a couple of jewels on it and I'd be golden. Which is true, really.

I have a strange relationship to gear in the game. I'm probably not alone in this. A lot of people research what gear they need, find out where to get it and then set out to acquire it. Gear can be obtained in two main ways: dropping from a boss in a dungeon and purchasing with currency that drops from bosses in dungeons.* So, getting good gear requires going through dungeons. So a lot of people figure out what they want, which boss drops it, and then start running that dungeon until they get what they want. All good. I like going through dungeons, but I don't like being that prescriptive about my adventures. I've been in dungeons with people where they say at the very beginning, "I want the boots that drop in here." And I'll be like, boots? what boots? Which I don't say out loud because then I'd be declaring myself a noob. Basically, I like to be surprised. Whatever drops after we kill a boss I consider a gift. And I don't like to open my gifts before it's time. I get a little thrill from the unexpected. If I knew what I was likely to get ahead of time, I'd lose that thrill. My kids laugh at me all the time because I get giddy over getting new stuff. But usually only when it's a surprise (or, in some cases, I've worked hard for it). "Look at this cool new sword I got!" Not too many moms who say that I'm guessing.

All that said, I do take advice. So, if someone says to me, you should get those boots that are in such and such dungeon, I am willing to go get the boots, especially if my adviser is going to go with me. Gearing up is more than just slapping on whatever falls on the ground after a kill. Once I figured that out, I think I became a better player. But I still can't bring myself to obsess over it, running dungeons over and over just to get one pair of pants (well, okay, I have done that once or twice, but it's not my usual mode). I also don't do this in real life. Shopping for clothes wears me out. But I promise to be def capped by next week. Really.

*I should note that gear can also be made by blacksmiths and some relatively good gear can be purchased with gold from special vendors.