Thursday, September 03, 2009

Careening into the New School Year

Mr. Geeky took Geeky Girl to work with him today at her request. How's that for boredom? She'd rather go to work with her dad than be at home. As a result, I had the morning pretty much to myself since Geeky Boy doesn't rise until nearly noon. I sent off an article I was working on with my partners in crime, Leslie and Barbara. I blogged. And then I went through the accumulated pile of mail and paperwork. From now on, I'm not letting that stuff pile up. I'm dealing with it as it comes in. I'm not quite done with the pile yet, as I set aside some things that need to be filed or otherwise looked over more thoroughly. But I've got the kids' schedule for the entire school year filled in on the calendar. I made note of important IDs and passwords. I made a list of stuff to get at Staples. Then I continued to dig through Geeky Girl's room.

Yesterday was insanity itself. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and was trying to work on the article before that. After the appointment, I connected with Barbara via GChat and we worked on the article together. Then lunch. I had planned to take Geeky Boy over to the high school right after lunch--we settled on 2:00. The athletics coordinator called to let us know that actually, freshman soccer has already begun and there's a practice today at 3:00. Okay. But. No soccer equipment. So, we go to the high school as planned. I run to the township administration building to buy a recycling container, then go back to pick up Geeky Boy. At 2:45, he finally appears and we rush over to the sports store, buy shoes, shin guards, socks, and a ball and make it to practice at 3:15. I go home, change, then go to farmer's market. Afterwards, I go for a walk, come home and make dinner: fresh chicken, fresh corn, and salad with heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese. After that, I'm off to a parent meeting for the high school.

Crazy, I tell you. Today has mostly been an attempt to not let that kind of day happen again. None of that would have been bad except that about half of it was completely unplanned. Not good. And now I'm off on a round of pick ups and drop offs again. I have no idea how any of this would have been managed if I hadn't been home.