Monday, July 20, 2009

Worthwhile blog reading

  • ianqui writes about her mother's problem with boundaries
  • Cathy Davidson on this article quantifying the costs of humanities and social science publishing. I need to think about this more. One key figure for me: 47% of the cost is in the editorial process. In light of some things I've read, mainly Shirky, it seems the filter first-publish second method is not only slow, but not cost effective.
  • Historiann asks "How do you define good teaching?" Thoughtful questions. Of course, there's tons of research out there on what creates an effective learning environment (good teaching is usually mostly about having students who learn the material). Sadly, most faculty aren't given the time to read this research, although at many institutions, there are teaching resource centers or teaching and learning centers where faculty can learn more. There's more to her post than that, so go read.
  • Leslie Madsen-Brooks on the UC situation and the call by faculty at the "more prestigious" UC schools for the regeants to abandon the schools that serve a more diverse population of students (diverse in many ways).
  • Speaking of white privilege, Eric Stoller links to a Colbert Report clip on the topic.