Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RBOC: Incomplete thoughts edition

  • Yesterday, I started a long post about race that I just couldn't finish. Suffice it to say, my relationship to race is complex, influenced by being raised in the South, by my own desire to figure out how the South got to where it is, and by people I've known and other places I've lived. I have been in contexts where I've had what can only be called racist thoughts. And my response is to fight those thoughts, to understand where they come from. And I think I'm not unusual in having those thoughts, though I may be unusual in recognizing them and trying to do something about them.
  • Laura at 11D continues the conversation about parents and work schedules and also talks about managing her own time. Although I've made progress on some projects this summer, I've given up having a super productive summer. For one thing, I've realized that physically, I can't handle all work all the time. Seriously. I end up with major migraines. So, I'm basically working about 4 hours a day. Yesterday, I worked in the morning, then took the kids to the pool. I usually read while I'm there, sometimes things I need to, sometimes not. But that's been the typical schedule. Housework happens when I'm inspired, which isn't that often. I recruit the kids for lots of things, and they've been good about that.
  • Still trying to balance eating healthy and local and the cost. Still difficult. Yesterday organic chicken was running at $5/lb. for a while chicken. Regular chicken, $1/lb. Sigh.
  • BlogHer was on last week. I went in 2006. I like the idea behind BlogHer. It's certainly great to see a bunch of women bloggers all in one place, but the corporate nature of it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I'm just squeamish that way. Maybe it's because my blog doesn't get enough traffic to attract coroporate sponsors. :)
  • Update to my Naked Teaching post, another good commentary on teaching with technology.