Friday, May 22, 2009

Single Parenting Not So Bad?

So, um, yeah, the rest of my week--mostly like Monday. There was the primary that I worked at all day on Tuesday. Track meet on Wednesday, Shakespeare Club on Thursday and lots of picking up the pieces in between.

Yesterday, Lisa Belkin asked if sometimes the grass is greener on both sides of the single/partnered fence. While single moms say that it is tough to raise a kid on their own, especially financially, they also say there are some benefits, like getting to make the final decision about how to parent and not having someone else to take care of.

I do notice that I feel more in control and empowered when Mr. Geeky is away (I suspect he feels the same way). I don't have to confer on minor punishments for not turning in homework or how much computer time someone has earned. And, honestly, sometimes Mr. Geeky is as needy as the kids. He, too, wants to know where "those pants that he likes" are or where the milk is.

On the other hand, when the kids were younger and even more needy than they are now, it was nice that Mr. Geeky would take the kids off my hands so I could go for a walk or take a bath or read a book. And he was very good about that.

I wouldn't want to raise my kids on my own (mostly because I kind of like my husband), but I can certainly see benefits to having complete control over the process. What about you?

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