Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Paragraphs of Crap (Because Bullets aren't Enough)

I am inspired by Laura's post on attics and basements. While I've managed to clear out a considerable amount of clutter in the living spaces of our house, the storage areas are another story altogether. We have three: the basement, a tiny attic, and a shed (we have no garage). I'm not going to tackle those today as Mr. Geeky has promised to help this weekend, but I am going to dig out my bedroom. Somehow over the last week, everything has gotten dumped in my bedroom. It's driving me nuts. No more!

To gird my loins for such a task, I'm planning a trip to our local diner for breakfast. I'm going to walk there so I feel better about the calories I'm sure I'll consume. There are a few minor household purchases to make: dishwashing detergent, milk, kool-aid (an insistent request from both kids). I need to look into birthday party options (we have two upcoming, always a crazy process). Otherwise, I'm not looking at the to-do list.

On my other blog, I've begun a summer-long project to review a huge number of social software sites. So far, I'm not hugely impressed, but I fully expect the majority to be mediocre at best. I'm going in alphabetical order, but I hope to categorize a bit once I have a few under my belt--maybe monthly. Anyway, feel free to check it out.

This week has actually been a busy one. I finished up a video for a conference I wasn't able to attend. I started designing new business cards. I worked on the PTO web site. I perused a variety of freelance jobs (not much worthwhile), and I started work on an article. And none of that am I getting paid for. Well, if the article is accepted, then I'll get paid for that. I'll leave with with the video, which I really enjoyed doing:

Open Up: A Video for IALLT 2009 from Laura Blankenship on Vimeo.