Monday, May 18, 2009

No rest for the weary

You would think that now that I'm officially unemployed, I'd be free as a bird, but no, there's more to do. I'm predicting no break until I go on my first summer trip in late June. The last couple of weeks have been busy ones around the Geeky household. The semester ended. I went away for a week. Routines were broken. I'm staring at a stack of mail that's much taller than it should be. The refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. There's lots of laundry to do. And there are two presentations to contribute to. There's writing to be done, a business to build.

I'll admit to wanting to ignore it all and just kick back for a while, but there are deadlines--even for the household stuff. The kids' birthdays are in two weeks, which coincide with a visit from the in-laws. The house can't remain in its current state of chaos. More importantly, the chaos makes me anxious, so it needs to go. I've felt mildly out of control for the last few weeks and I need to regain that control.