Monday, May 04, 2009

My world is shifting

I had a fairly long philosophical post planned out, but find myself recovering from a migraine, plus having jaw pain (I'm in treatment, but have another month to go). So you get just the facts--and the panic.

Over the weekend, not one, but two high school girls came calling at our house. My son, a mere babe in 8th grade, went wandering the neighborhood with them. They were out for about an hour and a half. The next day, one of the girls returned to hang out with us for a while. I really like this girl, even if she's a year older than Geeky Boy, but people, I am not quite ready for this. I don't think Geeky Boy is either, though he seems to be taking it in his usual nonchalant way. The boy is cool as a cucumber. I've made no comments about the situation to him and neither has Mr. Geeky. We're assuming friendship only at this point. The boy's been educated. Now we hope for the best. But still. Gah!