Monday, May 18, 2009

I do more before noon

Not that you need a blow by blow, but good grief, I've done a lot already:
  1. Registered for conference in June.
  2. Rented car for said conference.
  3. Sorted through all the mail.
  4. Paid any outstanding bills.
  5. Filled out and mailed 3 forms--jury duty, gifted program conference, lost check form.
  6. Renewed car registration.
  7. Drove to county courthouse to pick up election materials for tomorrow's election (my last one serving as judge!)
  8. Stopped by grocery store to pick up a couple of things I forgot (yes, this could have been avoided if I'd made my list more carefully).
  9. Stopped by bank to make a deposit.
Shew. And on deck for this afternoon:
  1. Thorough cleaning of kitchen and dining room.
  2. Possible trip to the library (depends on how long the above takes).
  3. Laundry.
It definitely feels to good to have gotten some neglected chores done, especially since I'll be occupied all day tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to do outside of work.