Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break and Lazy Gardening

Day 95: Daffodils all in a row
The kids start spring break this week, which of course, does not coincide with our spring break. On the plus side, we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. On the down side, since we don't have the kind of jobs you can up and leave for a week, we're just hanging out at home. Because Mr. Geeky and I still have work to do, it's going to be a challenge to keep the kids occupied in more interesting ways than just in front of the computer or tv. Today and tomorrow are supposed to rain. Wednesday and Thursday look nice and both have more potential for activity. My mother comes to visit on Friday and looking toward a weekend where absolutely no work will get done, I'll be anxious to get next week's work done this week. Sigh. I shouldn't borrow trouble. It'll all work out, but gah! Disruptions to the routine! I'm like a toddler right now.

This weekend I tackled the garden. Last year, I was feeling very blah and made an executive decision not to really do anything in the garden. It mostly survived, although the weeds and grass were more problematic than in years past. I'm a very lazy gardener. Every book I read says to pay attention to soil and make sure there isn't a single weed before planting anything. My strategy is to get up as many weeds as possible then mulch and hope for the best. I think I might have killed the hostas, which is kind of sad, but the daffodils and hyacinth are looking fab. A couple of bushes behind them look a little worse for the wear and the rhododendron looks like it needs some tlc. I planted tomatoes, red peppers and straberries in pots. We'll see how that goes. I'm usually quite successful with flowers and herbs this way, but have not tried fruits and veggies. Again, laziness dictated that I not dig up a plot to put these in. Instead at the end of the driveway, which is, I think, the only place they will get enough sun. I may end up needing to move them around. Gardening is damn hard work.

I feel like I'm in the home stretch, but there's a lot to do. I used to run track, the 400 actually, and I would always sprint the last 50-100 yards and it always felt like my body was going to explode and then at the end, I always felt tired but pleased with myself. I'm trying to focus on that "pleased" part.
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