Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Excuses

That's my new philosophy. Too often, I let a simple thing keep me from doing something. Of course, the something is often something I don't want to do. At work, whenever a pile of yucky tasks accumulated, I often convinced myself to tackle them first and then move on to more interesting work--as long as the tasks weren't going to take all day. And, of course, they often didn't take that much time at all, but it always seemed like they would. I probably spent more time agonizing over doing the tasks than actually doing them.

Some examples from the last few days. I wanted to go for a bike ride, and even though I do enjoy bike riding, I'm out of shape enough that I know parts of the ride are going to be painful for me, so I start to think, maybe I shouldn't go, I'm tired, I'll go this weekend, I'm running behind schedule now anyway. And so I literally shook all those excuses and protests out of my head, just put on some sweats and my helmet and headed out. I also made myself do one more thing for class after dinner one night even thought, once again, I was telling myself that I was tired, I couldn't concentrate, etc. And I just did it and I felt so much better.

And that's the thing. I've actually enjoy my leisure activities so much more when I don't have something hanging over my head. It sucks to be watching tv with my kids, thinking, after this is over, I have to read that article or do another load of laundry instead of just enjoying the moment. The other thing is, I'm trying not be manic about it either. I think I got that way when I was doing GTD by the book. Recognizing that I'm making silly excuses is one thing, but being frantic about checking everything off a list is another.

Tomorrow, look for a report on my latest PTO meeting. Here's a hint: I'll be putting my web skilz to work.