Friday, April 17, 2009

Moms take over the Internet, Ruin It

Beth, at Silicon Valley Moms, has a great post up about some of the media coverage being given to Oprah's joining Twitter. There are many assumptions in the media that moms just don't know their way around the Internets. Um, Mommy Bloggers, anyone? Heck, back when I was first learning web design in the late 90s, Parent Soup was made up mostly of moms. You can't tell me they weren't tech savvy. There are so many sites catering to moms, not just as consumers, but also as producers of content, it's not even funny. In fact, I get tired of some of their focus just on parenting stuff or on identifying us as moms. I'm more than a mom. I'm a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a gamer, a blogger, a Twitterer, a teacher, etc.

I will say that in working with some of the PTO moms, there is sometimes a tech gap, but mostly it's a matter of wanting to be able to do something--like set up a web site that will send alerts to people--and not having the skills or the time to make that happen. They're aware of the tools, but have not used them much if at all. And they're more than willing to learn--the rule rather than the exception it was even a year or two ago.

Like Beth, I'm annoyed that the media, especially the tech media still thinks that moms a) aren't tech savvy and that b) if they are, they must use the tools in "icky" ways. Well, screw you, you don't get to set the rules, and I can guarantee you that a mom's life is often more hectic, more on-the-run, more complicated than many of the tech gurus out there who want to control how tools are used. It's weird; it's like the tech world has finally gotten around to it being okay for women to use technology, but only if they're not also moms. Gah.