Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When Tech Goes Mainstream

I remember when blogs finally got on CNN's radar. They had blog pundits. They dedicated a portion of a show to blogs, with a blog correspondent. They looked really stupid because none of them had actually read blogs much less written one, so they didn't really get them. They're slightly better about that now, but they've hopped onto Twitter. Here's Jon Stewart on the "new" phenomenon:

It's funny, of course, but just like the media did with blogs, makes Twitter seem a revolution of some kind. There's no right way to use it, of course, but as with blogs, the focus seems to be on its most mundane purposes and not about how it can be used to connect with people or to get information. A year from now, I'm guessing they'll have moved on to some other tool as their latest fetish, and maybe they'll leave Twitter alone.