Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trapped in Airports

Holy cow! Have I really not blogged since Monday? Well, I'll chalk it up to the first batch of papers plus a lot of mother-work to do.

Anyway, I'm traveling today, headed to Vancouver for Northern Voice. I have a long layover here--another hour to go and I'm sitting on the floor with another woman, charging my laptop, which, sadly, won't be fully charged in time for my flight. My phone is also dead, but there ar eno more open outlets. Hello? Airports? Get some freaking outlets!

I did have a nice meal which included a margarita, thus the lack of outlets is not as painful as it might be. I like airports with decent food options. It pleases me.

On the other hand, I have a fairly long flight ahead--3 hours I think. I'm definitely not grading the whole time. Sorry students. I grade electronically anyway, so I think I won't have the battery power to do much anyway. I'm guessing it'll last an hour. I entertained myself on the last flight with Sex and the City. I highly recommend it as a fluffy "chick flick" though I don't recommend watching it on a plane. I cry easily during movies=-enough said. So now I have to figure out how I'm going to entertain myself for two more hours. I lean toward the magazine direction for flights as my concentration is easily broken, so deep thoughts are not possible. So far, I've only found a store that sells books--no magazines. Weird, huh. And I have this power dilemma--can't leave the laptop.

I like traveling, but I certainly feel trapped. I imagine that caged animals feel much the same, trying to figure out how to entertain themselves with limited options. I'm trying my best not to feel that it's like this outside of airports, too.