Sunday, February 08, 2009

A nearly perfect weekend

I haven't had one of these in a while. I often feel like the weekends are either slug mode after which I feel horribly guilty or filled with so much activity, it may as well be Monday. It started with a night out with Mr. Geeky, a much-needed escape from the kids and the rest of our lives. I spent much of Saturday not doing anything, though I did manage a trip to the grocery store. I tend to do this many weekends--set aside a day where I give myself permission not to do anything. Sometimes this slides into the whole weekend, leading to, as I mentioned, guilt. And sometimes, it's just not possible because there's two birthday parties and a soccer game to manage. But this weekend, not so. I played more WoW than I have in a while, with a reasonable number of breaks away from it. And since I squeezed in a trip to the store, I felt completely guilt free.

Sunday, Mr. Geeky and I got up early and then walked over to our local breakfast spot. We've only been there a few times, but it's a place with no menu and a random collection of family and customer photos everywhere. Over the grill is a whiteboard that always has either a Bible verse or a religiously-inspired message. Mr. Geeky and I noticed that behind us hung two photos of Obama's inauguration. We found this interesting since it contradicted the political vibe we were getting from the decor and from the clientele. The food there is good, though not fabulous, and the business, thankfully, seems to be thriving. We've seen one local business close down already.

After breakfast, I threw myself into laundry and other household chores, recruiting Mr. Geeky and the kids as necessary. I had decided that I didn't want to start Monday surrounded by dirty clothes and clutter. Many loads of laundry and some newly hung shelves later, I felt free. I prepped for class. I even made cookies. It was kind of wacky. Maybe it was all the coffee.


On another note, I've not been as engrossed in the news lately. I know there's a stimulus package working it's way through Congress. I'm actually pretty pissed about the whole thing, but have nothing intelligent to say about it. Mostly I'm tired of hearing a bunch of rich people complain about how the bill costs too much, doesn't cut taxes enough, or whatever. I see future Tom Daschle's there, not the working men and women whose lives are truly being affected by the crisis. And bleh to this Kristof column. He's condescending to both scientists and women. And yet, the column is supposed to be about how banks need more women. It's weird.

Although I sometimes wish I were keeping up with more, part of me feels like my stress level is better off without reading or watching politicians and pundits yell at each other.