Friday, January 02, 2009

Travel day

Today we head back home. It's been a nice visit but I think we're all ready to be back home in our familiar surroundings. We have the weekend to recover and then it's back to school for the kids, back to reality. January for me is filled with a few deadlines. I'm conducting a day-long workshop in a couple of weeks and classes begin on the 22nd. There's still some prep to do for both. I'm hoping to establish a good routine before classes begin so that I can fit everything else I want to do around the class. This week I need to get my office set up and organized. I have to finish getting my workshop together and I need to finish the class blog and digitizing some of the materials. I also need to set up some appointments related to my business and I'm hoping to get a podcast out this week. And I'm hoping to do all that without stressing myself out. Hah! That's going to be very important to me though. I need to do enough to move toward my goals and get what needs to get done done, but not feel completely frazzled about it. And that, I think, will be the ultimate challenge and something I'll be working on this whole year.