Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't think I've been so glad to see a Friday come around in a long time. This has been a rough week in Geeky land. Everyone was sick. I, too, got a cold and sore throat. I was so grateful not to have stomach issues like Mr. Geeky and Geeky Boy that it seemed no problem at all that I couldn't swallow very well. But because I was relatively well in comparison, I ended up doing everything and that made me cranky beyond belief. I knew I was just cranky, but there was nothing I could do about it. I'm not good at being Florence Nightingale anyway, but add lack of sleep and a killer cold to that and you have a recipe for disaster. On top of that, I had a ton of work this week. In addition to prepping for class, I had a project deadline. I have another project that really I'd hoped to get done this week, but not going to happen. And a proposal due tomorrow. Plus, there's just the regular stuff I'm trying to keep up with: bills, writing, etc. Despite not feeling well, I put in probably 10 hours every day this week. Sadly, for most of this stuff the payoff comes much later.

I'm looking at a fair amount of work today, but I think I've already postponed watching a movie for class until tomorrow. I just don't think I can squeeze it in today since I have to go to the library to watch it. Part of me wishes I could just take the whole day off, but if I do, I'll pay for it later. And I find that frustrating. Amazing that I quit my job and have become twice as busy. On the plus side, and what I keep reminding myself of, is that 90% of what I'm doing is stuff I want to do, that I've chosen to do. Part of why my days were so long was because I didn't want to stop working, so that's a good thing, but still exhausting. I think the only thing that kept this week from feeling completely successful was the illness. And there's nothing to be done about that. Here's to hoping next week pans out better.