Friday, December 12, 2008

RBOC: Friday Edition

  • Routine, what routine? This week has been filled with disruption. The first two days were half-days, doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and today, thanks to a forgotten permission slip, I'm retrieving my oldest from school at 9:00 while the rest of his team goes on a field trip. Sigh. Not to mention, Mr. Geeky was away yesterday and today, so there was no help to be had.
  • Holiday stuff. Presents are almost all purchased and sent. It was a book year again this year. Every couple of years, we just head to a book store and start buying stuff we think our family members will like. We still have stuff to get for the kids and for each other, but mostly done. Greeting cards purchased and will likely be filled out and mailed slowly over the coming weeks.
  • Work. Coming along. Made some some progress on deadline-oriented projects yesterday especially. Also did some contract work on Monday. Still feeling a little more disjointed than I'd like, but it's probably a result of the disjointed week more than anything.
  • Housework. Feeling like it's mostly under control. I've moved a lot of bigger items that were in the way out of the house. This weekend, I hope to engage the family in some cleaning projects, however briefly. I want to be prepared for the chaos Christmas will surely bring.
  • In other news. I have a few things I want to blog about, but I'm going to wait a while. I'm still gathering thoughts. If anyone wants to hear about something in particular, feel free to leave a comment.