Monday, December 01, 2008

Complete slug

I was a complete slug this weekend. I'm only now catching up with world news. I know horrible things happened. I don't know the details. I'm kind of in denial.

Mr. Geeky and I got up early yesterday and had breakfast and went shopping without the kids. We had no real agenda, but we ended up getting about half of the presents we needed anyway. I'm at a point where this whole Christmas present thing could go away. I don't need anything else. The kids don't need anything else. I think sometime in the near future, I may just say, don't get me or my kids anything, and we'll just travel for Christmas or something. Now that the youngest is no longer a believer, it opens up a bunch of opportunities.

So now it's back to work and school, though Christmas vacation is only 3 weeks away. I have some projects with deadlines so there is work to be done over the next few weeks. And the house slid a little this weekend although the kids did a good job keeping up with kitchen duties. I have some frustration with the household duties, but I will leave that aside for now. More intelligent commentary is coming soon.