Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is the day

Everything could change. If Obama wins, my biggest hope is that Obama can truly bring the country together. I really do think that I have a lot in common with my Republican neighbors. It's really a rare few that I disagree with completely. I want for the disagreements I may have to be minor, inconsequential. I don't want to be called a latte-sipping liberal and I don't want my neighbor to be called a dumb redneck conservative. I want us to work together so that all our kids have a future. We're going to need to work together to solve global warming and the energy crisis, to settle our financial future and to defeat terrorism. My hope is that Obama will rally us all around these common goals.

And it starts by voting. I know most of my readers are regular voters, but I urge you to get your friends to go vote, your neighbors. We have a chance to make history, to change our country for the better, to heal the wounds of the last 8 years. Go vote! Change the world!