Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not really working yet

So, I'm not really doing anything one might categorize as "work" yet. Which is okay since I hadn't planned on doing anything in that category until say, December-ish. I am reading. I hope to start doing some writing next week. Mostly I'm trying to get my health back and my house into maintenance mode (rather than "can't even find a pair of underwear in the morning mode"; not a good mode, trust me).

Yesterday, I went for a walk and raked leaves. It felt good to be outside. It also felt good to accomplish something that had visible results. Being a complete weather wimp and it being a chilly 38 degrees today, I'll not be venturing outdoors today, but I do hope to squeeze in some yoga on the wii fit. There's also grocery shopping and laundry to be done and a little work on the kids' rooms (a harrowing experience, let me tell you). In between all of that will be some reading (I have about 4 books going). Last night, instead of having our heads in our computers or glued to the tv, we played a game of Boggle (which I won). Much as I love technology, sometimes it's good to step away from the keyboard. I'm trying to find the right balance. It's awfully easy to do nothing but hang out online when there are no meetings to go to.