Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day, Eve of New School Year

This is the first year that classes at my institution haven't begun (or been held when we start earlier) on Labor Day. I say it's about time. It's always frustrated me that a school whose founding was all about helping the underrepresented (women) would ignore a holiday that benefits mostly the underrepresented. It was actually the students who lobbied for this. First, they got MLK Day (second semester classes began on MLK Day). Then, it made sense to have Labor Day. It amazes me how highly intelligent people don't see the symbolism of making your laborers work on holidays. Sigh.

Often I make resolutions for the school year, but I'm not going to this year. I'm purposely taking things one day at a time. Today, I know I need to get my kids a few last-minute supplies and I need some clothes. I might putter around the garden (it's beautiful outside) or just sit outside and read. I might help the kids organize their rooms. I might watch a movie this evening. I'm definitely doing laundry (already have a load in the wash). I might work on a presentation. I'm going with the flow.

I've noticed that the beginning of this year has not been terribly stressful. Yes, I was busy last week and no, I did not get everything done, but you know, it just doesn't matter that much. The world has never ended simply because a few tasks didn't get completed. I don't work for NASA or the DoD. It's just not that important.