Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogging: The Slides I Didn't Use

On Friday, I gave yatob*. We were the last panel and so, with time compressed, we went straight for the demo, skipping the slides altogether. It's actually nice to know a topic so well to be able to speak almost extemporaneously on the topic. I had prepared well, though, so it didn't matter that the slides got trashed. Here they are for your own enjoyment:

I ended up using the theme that "software matters." There's no right or wrong to setting up a class blog, but that your choice of space and layout can change the nature of the class. One thing that's nice about blogging is that it's flexible and easy to change midstream. Just move some widgets around and voila! new blogging environment.

*yet another talk on blogging (I should note that I'm in no way tired of giving these, but I worry that people are tired of hearing about it from me.)