Thursday, June 05, 2008

Run for the hills, I have a teenager

As of 1 a.m. today, I am officially the mother of a teenager. Geeky Boy turned 13. Holy cow, how'd that happen? Wasn't he just 2 last week? People ask me all the time if he's a "typical" teenager. I don't think so--mostly. He does a few typical teenage things, like sleep until noon. But so far, he hasn't been mean or rebellious or surly or any of the so-called "bad" traits of teenagedom.

So far, he's at core a good kid and will remain so even if the road gets a little rocky in the next few years.

Conversation happening right now.

Geeky Boy: "I want to catch up with George Lucas."
Mr. Geeky: "What? Why?"
Geeky Boy: "I want to pass him in age."
Mr. Geeky: "Why? It's not a race."
Geeky Boy: "Yes, it is."
Mr. Geeky: "You know each year you get older, the closer you are to death."
Geeky Boy (staring incredulously from the doorway): "That's a nice thought, Dad."
Laughter ensues.

Yep, that's how we celebrate birthdays--reminding ourselves how much closer to death we are.