Tuesday, April 29, 2008

RBOC: Road edition

  • Who's idea was it to take the most heavily trafficked and congested stretch of highway and put points along the way where the whole mob has to come to a halt to take tickets and pay tolls? Seriously, are people just trying to be cruel?
  • Speaking of tolls, I have no idea where that money's going. Certainly, it's not going to the roads, because that is the crappiest stretch of highway I've ever driven on.
  • If windshield wipers are going for 8 hours straight, will they wear out?
  • If you can't see the lanes, is it okay just to make up your own?
  • According to NPR even, the only things worth talking about were Jeremiah Wright, some vet who had a funeral in a baseball stadium, and the fact that Mars bought Wrigley's.
  • Shouldn't there be a separate road for trucks? I mean, really, the whole going 45 and then going 70 thing just doesn't do much for the traffic flow, not to mention the tailgating and the drifting out of lanes.
  • I think the trip was still faster than if I went by plane.
  • Train travel is the only civilized mode left, except that it's still too slow and doesn't go to enough destinations to make it truly viable. Sigh.