Monday, April 07, 2008

NITLE Summit first reflections

I think there will be more posts to follow, but I wanted to get a few preliminary thoughts out there in the 6 minutes I have before I forget them.

Going to a NITLE event for me is increasingly like going home. I get to see so many friends (links coming soon). What's interesting to me is that while we do indeed talk about our partners and kids and what we did over vacation, a lot of our conversations are about education in the 21st century and how can we bring a 19th century mindset in line with the 21st. We are all very passionate about this and we don't always agree, but we can obviously talk about it for days.

There were many highlights, but two sessions I really enjoyed were 1) the keynote with Michael Wesch and 2) a panel-led discussion about the millennial student.

I have a lot to say about both of these, but I'm going to throw out a key quote/point from each and let you all have at it in the comments.

From Michael Wesch, when asked how IT staff can help faculty like him: "Get out of my way."

From a comment from Marty Ringle of Reed College: "Only the least creative and engaged students will become professors."

There's a lot more context to both of those and they've inspired some pretty serious thinking on my part, so you'll hear more later.