Tuesday, January 08, 2008

OMG Miss America is so conservative

I got sucked into another reality show: Miss America Reality Check. In theory, the show is about changing Miss America contestants from glitzy, makeup-wearing airheads to something more representative of "the modern woman". I think they have their work cut out for them. Most of the women have been trained all their lives for this one moment, and that training did not involve spending a lot of time on calculus or expanding their view of the world. First, they all wear waaaaay too much makeup. For an athletic event, most of them put on more makeup that I had on on my wedding day. God forbid, they look semi-natural. Now I'm all for looking nice and wearing nice clothes, but as one of the fashion advisers told them, there's a time and a place for glamor and running around a field is not one of them.

In a dinner party where they had to talk about controversial issues like gun control and gay marriage, most of them fell on the conservative side of those issues. I had two favorite moments. One, when the women were discussing sex before marriage and they all said they didn't believe in sex before marriage. I was rolling my eyes at this point. One of the judges asked, "So you're telling me that every single one of you is a virgin?" They all nodded. Like I'm gonna believe a 24-year-old has never had sex?

My other favorite moment came when Miss Vermont was the only one standing up for gay marriage. I love her. One woman said she "couldn't wrap her head around the idea of homosexuality." I'm thinking, what's so hard about it? People love different kinds of people. Sometimes they're the same gender. Big deal. I really don't understand why people get so out of whack about these things.

I'm pulling for Miss Vermont. She's kind of plain looking, but she seems really down to earth and, dare I say it, normal. She also seems smart.

For the record, I really don't like the whole pageant thing, but I'm fascinated by the personalities of these people. I'm curious about why they want to do this. Sadly, I think most of them are gunning for the position of trophy wife. Kind of waste.