Sunday, January 06, 2008

Okay, I'm paying attention now

So, the Iowa caucus had interesting results. Huckabee first? Hilary last? Wow.

We'll wait to see what happens in New Hampshire, but I'm inclined to think we're in some uncharted territory here. Sort of. Seems like every primary cycle offers its share of surprises, but it's certainly true that the MSM is clueless about what really is going on.

First, some thoughtful commentary by others:
What do I think? I want someone who's going to give us universal health care. I want someone who's going to help solve the global warming crisis and get the oil companies, the auto companies, and others on board. I want someone who will really help the middle class and the poor and stop giving tax breaks to people who fall into the top 1% of earners (much of that earning coming from investments) and stop letting CEO's make hundreds of times more than the folks who work for them. I want someone who's going to stop scaring the crap out of people and who's going to rebuild our reputation in the world. I want someone who's going to take religion out of the equation and who will support education with money and resources.

Do I think a president can give me all that? Probably not. I think some of this has to start closer to home with city officials, state officials, and congresspeople. While the president can set the tone, the real work gets done elsewhere.