Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fear 2.0: the list

Here's the list of solutions to fear that was generated during our session. I'll post our videos soon.

How do you overcome fear?
  • having the conversation
  • pool your strengths
  • accountability
  • make mistakes
  • new skills
  • understand the problem
  • how to get people to pay attention
  • need a decision-making process
  • make yourself aware of what's out there
  • need a way to disseminate the information
  • appreciating the new role of faculty in embracing technology
  • working with faculty more closely
  • role of students
  • need time to adopt new technology--using students to be a part of the process to build resources
  • discovery--play around with something for a while before incorporating into courses
  • storm the walls
  • overthrow the system
  • experimenting
  • talk to students
  • preparing for constant change--perpetual beta
  • encouraging students to support faculty
  • working together
  • identity
    • know something truthful about the learner
    • learner knows something truthful about us
  • reason to use the technology
  • examples--show vs. tell
  • partnerships among faculty, students, & IT
  • appreciate the technology as a consumer
  • don't feel the need to master everything
  • faculty getting other faculty on board
  • break out of structures
  • bringing diverse people together to talk
  • naming it--find a place for it