Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Disorganization gender related?

I can relate to this article on how boys have trouble getting organized and how it affects their school work. My organization struggles are not something that truly interfere with my daily life. I find it annoying, yes. I know I could be more efficient, yes, but I function just fine. Geeky Boy, on the other hand, struggles and it means his work suffers. In a school system that values neatness and deadlines over almost everything else, a disorganized student is bound to suffer. It's too bad the article didn't tackle that issue. While it's true that GB should be more organized and that it would be helpful to him, it would also be good if missing a single worksheet didn't have such a huge effect on grades or that neatness wasn't a huge part of a project grade. I'd certainly like for him to be more neat and organized, but I can't force it, and I'm not the kind of mom who's going to do it for him. And, I don't have the means to hire tutors and whatnot to help him either. I just don't see the point when I know he's a bright kid who'll get his act together eventually.