Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wrong week

So it's been a tough week to start up the walking regimen again. I was much more successful than the guy from Airplane! at least. On Tuesday, it was freaking cold and there were 40 mph winds. I only walked 15 minutes, mainly because by the time I got all my gear on and got out the door, it was 6:15. Since I have to be in the shower by 6:30 so I can arrive at work by 7:30, I couldn't do more than 15 minutes. Wednesday the winds had died down, but it was still cold. Today, I thought I'd get up at 5:45 to accommodate for the gearing up time, but opted to sleep in and walk in the afternoon (I'm home by 3:00). That was a good plan since it was 18 degrees this morning and there was an inch or two of snow on the ground.

It's not bad after the first block or two. The first day, I didn't have enough butt coverage, so I was plenty warm on top, but my butt was cold the entire time. After some long underwear and warmer workout clothes purchases, I managed to keep the butt warm. I'm catching up on podcasts and generally enjoying it so far. I still have to convince myself. The voices in my head say, It's so cold. Don't go. The bed is nice and warm. I have to fight that still. I'll say this, spring is gonna feel really warm to me.

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