Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gifts worth blogging about

In my campaign to get rid of clutter myself, I decided not to pass clutter on to my family. Most of my family is in a position of being able to buy whatever they want or need. I'm far enough away from them that I don't know what they have or what they need anyway. But I do know them well enough to know what they might like. And even though it might be better to give the money I spend on Christmas to charity, I still like to show my family that I'm thinking of them and do something for them that they might not do for themselves.

Following a post on the Unclutterer blog, I started looking for things to give my family that would be thoughtful but non clutter producing. But I was having a hard time. Out of desperation, I did a search on Google for "finding gifts." And that took me to, a site filled with fun and interesting gifts. And from there, I ended up at several sites that offer gift certificates for dinners out, golf lessons, singing lessons, nascar driving, and more. Both Signature Days and Cloud 9 Living offer lots of interesting options. There was also Spa Finder and Clubs Galore for other non-clutter gifts.*

Now, I still gave some material gifts, but I think I got some excellent non-material gifts that the recipients will appreciate.

I have two really weird gifts along these lines that I'd love to receive: time with a personal organizer and a financial planner. What are your odd gift wishes?