Monday, December 03, 2007

Conquering the sloth

Last week, when I wrote about my clutter and exercise problems, I had every intention of tackling them. I semi-tackled the clutter problem by doing a little clutter reduction in the kids' rooms. I managed to at least keep new clutter from accumulating, so that's something.

On the exercise front, however, I've failed. Truly, the best time for me to exercise is 6 a.m. I usually get up, wake up Geeky Boy and while he's showering, I have my first cup of coffee and catch up on blog reading. It's time to myself that I enjoy. Last week I was thinking about going for a brisk walk at 6 a.m., but I couldn't bring myself to do that. And here I am this morning at 7, having not exercised, but wanting to do something about this lack of fitness thing. I'm having a hard time thinking about giving up this 1/2 or so that I have to myself. I think I need to readjust my attitude. I need to think of walking as the time to myself. Geeky Boy now wants to be driven to school since the weather is cold. I have to throw on clothes anyway, so it would be easy to that 45 minutes earlier. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I myself leave for work at 7:15, dropping Geeky Boy off on the way. It would be trivial to walk half an hour before taking a shower and getting ready for work. And yet, there are obstacles. The lack of motivation is the big one, which makes these small ones seem like deal breakers. I'm writing them here, so that I can get rid of them and make this happen.
  1. Coffee. I must have coffee in the morning. I've already automated the making of the coffee. I could easily take this with me on my walk. I just have to make sure I have my travel mug at home (it's currently at work).
  2. Clothes. I need warm workout clothes. I have a few, but not enough to ensure I'll have something warm to wear. I need hat and gloves as well. I also need clothes warm enough to wear when it's below freezing.
  3. iPod carrier. In the winter, this isn't as much of a problem because I have pockets in a vest I can wear over anything. I used to have one until I got a new iPod and they changed the form factor. The new iPod doesn't fit in the old carrier. Alternatively, I could get a shuffle and put a few things on to listen to while I walk. Maybe that could be my reward for keeping up with this plan until Christmas.
That's all (besides motivation) that's keeping me from getting started. So, I've vowed today to bring my mug home and go pick up a few more clothing items to get started. My goal is to walk every day until Christmas Eve. I'll take the holiday off and begin again on the 26th. You are all my witnesses, so I hope you'll keep me honest.

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