Thursday, October 11, 2007

Airport experiences

Bryan blogs that his airport restaurant wiki got picked up by Aviation week: Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Airport restaurant wiki gets blogged by Aviation Week

I never seem to have enough time to eat when I'm in an airport, so I haven't been able to contribute to his wiki. In fact, most often I have an extra tight connection that causes my luggage to get lost. Bryan has been witness to one of these incidents. My last tight connection, however, was altogether different. I was flying United and was connecting in Chicago from Denver. We were late getting out of Denver because the original plane broke down and we had to take a different plane. We were kept informed the whole time. Once I got to Chicago, I bolted from the plane, since I had only 5 minutes until takeoff time. As I was searching for the screen with departure information, I heard myself paged over the loudspeaker, telling me to report to the gate immediately. I ran. At the end of the hall, a United clerk was standing there, and he said, "Are you Laura?" Yes, I panted. He sent me on my way. When we got to Philly, I went to baggage claim, fully expecting to walk away empty handed. But after about 10 minutes, my bag appeared. I honestly think that's a first.