Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The TWiT guys are twits

Even though I said a long time ago that I'd never listen again, I did it. You see, I like to keep up with "tech news" from the Silicon Valley. A lot of times, that information takes forever to penetrate into the ivory tower and I want to be ahead of the game. But I think I've decided that the silicon valley is just one big frat party that I don't need to go to. I was perusing the podcast options under Technology and under Education-->Technology at iTunes and most of them, like 98%, are created by men. I find this very frustrating. It's so clear to me that women are being left behind. I know there are women doing podcasts, but they're not getting featured in iTunes. And so far, the podcasts I've listened to by men in the tech sector have been frustratingly like geek male bonding. In the Ed Tech sector, the male hosts are not rude or anything, but I still find it intriguing that so many of the shows are hosted by men. As Leslie and I discussed in my own podcast about women contributing to wikis, I think the problem lies in some ingrained social structures that give women less time or confidence to contirubute to projects outside their main job responsibilities. And then there's the bias that prevents them from being featured . . . Why do we keep having to have this discussion? And if someone wants to point me to some good tech podcasts by women , I'm all ears.