Monday, September 10, 2007

Notes from the Weekend

Soccer lineupSoccer began this weekend. Last year, Geeky Girl essentially dropped out because they placed her in the wrong age group (too young) and she didn't find it fun anymore. This year she's in the right age group. Yes, she's the smallest one in that picture to the left. But she is crazy fast and determined. She almost scored 3 times. I was pretty darn proud of her. When a lot of the other girls were slowing down and dragging, Geeky Girl was still zipping down the field. It was a really hot day. Very hard to keep your stamina on a day like that. Most importantly, I think she had fun, and it's good to see her running around outside.

I'm trying to reinvigorate my exercise program, which for now involves mostly walking. I likeFinding our coordinates walking. I don't need any special equipment (though I do own a pedometer) and I can mix it up by taking different paths. On the weekends, I've decided to have my workout involve geocaching. So, we went on our first geocaching trip on Sunday. We've been to this spot before, an estate just a few blocks over from our house. We *still* didn't find the treasure. So, we're going to move on to another location next weekend. We find our locations through this site. I think the kids were disappointed we didn't find the cache, but we went for ice cream and water ice afterwards to make up for it.

In addition to getting outdoors more, I did some more work to become environmentally friendly. I purchased some recycling containers and some reusable grocery bags. Our recycling has been pretty hit or miss. I hate our system. Not only do we have to separate our recyclables, but we also have to put them out on separate days. It makes it really hard to keep up with. Also, they pick up clear glass but not colored glass. Colored glass has to be taken to the recycling center. We have way more dark/colored glass than clear. I found this site pretty useful in finding products and information about steps to becoming environmentally conscious.

So how was your weekend?