Friday, September 21, 2007

Long week

I thought that this might be the week that things slowed down, but no such luck. Monday and Tuesday weren't too bad in terms of meetings, but because I had no meetings, I actually sat down and got some real work done. I should list everything I did, but I don't want to scare anyone. This won't phase the faculty out there, but I think I've probably worked around 10 hours/day for the last 3 weeks.

One of the fun things I did this week, though, was to host Steve Greenlaw, Martha Burtis, and Jean-Claude Bradley for a panel of presentations on social software. They spoke to a packed house and the room was still abuzz long after they left. We brought Martha in virtually, and I think that was my first successful virtual presentation. Not that I've had failures in the past; we just haven't done virtual presentations much. We used Skype for the sound and Elluminate for the presentation and it worked out great. Everyone was impressed with the sound quality and the picture quality. We could even see Martha on the screen. I often say that every time I do a presentation that involves a lot of technology, something goes slightly wrong. In this case, the important stuff was fine, but as I tried to save my recording of all the presentations, the computer crashed (possibly from the weight of all the technology we were asking it to handle) and then the file was gone. Maybe next time, I'll get it right.

And now it's Friday already. I have a busy day ahead, but for sure, I'm having another lazy weekend. I need it!