Monday, August 27, 2007

Lucky 13

Thirteen years ago today, I put on a big white dress and Mr. Geeky put on a tux and we said some things about sticking around with each other forever. It's hard to believe it's been this long.

When we made it past the 2-year dating mark, I was thrilled, since I'd never hung around with someone that long before, and I had this inkling that this was it for me, that there'd be no other someones. I'm thankful that Mr. Geeky put up with me for 13 years (plus the 4 years of living together). I'm really not the easiest person to live with, despite appearances. He's the most steady person I know while I tend to be pretty up and and down. He's really the perfect match for me. :)

We celebrated by buying each other gadgets. For me, a tv for the bedroom so I can escape the hordes of game-playing kids. For him, a Linux-compatible mp3 player, so he can listen to his own music and not suffer through mine. We also ate at a spectacular creole restaurant. We usually downplay our anniversary since it's tangled up in the beginning of the school year, but I think we both felt that 13 years needed a little recognition, a little nudge in the right direction. It's a good respite from the craziness that is the start of school.