Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning

Right before I left for vacation, I dealt with a bout of vertigo. I've never had vertigo before and I have to say, it was not a pleasant experience. I spent a few hours in the hospital, being poked and scanned and whatnot. They couldn't find anything specifically causing my vertigo, and I've written it off as mostly induced by stress. However, I encountered a bit of a spell yesterday and am now scheduling various appointments with doctors. Yay.

I feel pretty good this morning, but I kind of live in fear that it will return. If it is indeed stress induced, I'm not helping matters when I stress out over getting it in the first place. It's hard to relax when your world is spinning. Everyone tells me it will go away, but I don't know. I'm certainly glad that at this point, they've found no major cause for it, but it would be nice to have some cause that could be fixed. Sigh.

Anyway, last night I had planned to write a scathing and thorough review of Andrew Keen's book, The Cult of the Amateur, but instead I watched two Tivoed episodes of Design Star. Yes, my tastes are all over the map. So, assuming I still feel well by the end of today, that's what you'll see.