Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revision inferno

I've moved from the 7th level of revision hell. I'm now in limbo. I already heard back from the grad school who had a few minor things for me to fix--and yet another form to fill out. I'm waiting to hear back from the advisor--mainly about a 2-page section I had to add, which, quite frankly, isn't very good and kind of opens a can of worms, but hey, it's mostly done.

I spent 7 hours on Saturday and about 8 or so on Sunday fighting with M$ Word revising. Then I worked another 4 hours on Monday and another 7 today. Crap, that's a lot of hours. I know you academics out there are laughing at me right now, but keep in mind, I also clocked some regular hours in there as well. I won't feel like it's done until I print it out on pretty paper and mail it to the grad school.

Note to self: don't go getting another degree.