Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random Bullets, Sunday Edition

  • I wanted to write something thoughtful about Joe Sestak's response to a letter I sent him asking him and his House colleagues to begin impeachment hearings. I find myself disheartened and so I can't respond. It was basically a "Yeah, but" kind of response. Yeah, we know they've done illegal things, but they're not as bad as Watergate. Gah. But they're worse than Monicagate, no? Sad. Just sad.
  • I'm pretty much in full vacation mode, now that the dissertation is done. Which means I do basically nothing on the weekends. Yesterday, I hung out at the pool. Today, it's raining. I might muster the energy for some laundry or grocery shopping.
  • I find myself wondering if I'd read a newspaper if I subscribed to one. Probably not. I get all my news from teh internets.
  • In exactly 5 days, we go on vacation, and it's a real vacation--no defense hanging over my head.
  • I find myself wanting to clear out the clutter that's collected in the last two years while I was writing, but I also find myself not caring that much. Because clutter is not particularly intellectually stimulating.
  • I had a dream last night about writing a paper or a book or something. Hmm. Wonder where that came from.
  • Is this a random enough list?