Monday, July 30, 2007

Pre-Vacation Mode

I swear my brain no longer thinks in complex sentences. I read stuff and I think, hey, I'll write about that, but then I sit down to write and I think , "Eh. I got nothing." I spent yesterday playing Civilization and doing laundry. I am actually packed for my trip, which I don't leave for until Friday. I also did some mindless work, going through the hundreds of emails that have piled up throughout the summer. I've been in triage mode. All this last week, I'd spend some time clearing out a couple hundred messages only to return from a couple of hours of meetings to find myself right back where I started. I think I need to get more organized about that, do some more filtering. A lot of what I get are announcements that don't apply to me or stuff from email lists (some of which I already filter).

Basically, I think I've been in this weird mode all summer of not feeling quite on top of things, and not really caring that much. I'm calling it pre-vacation mode. Whatever it is, it feels kind of weird.