Tuesday, May 22, 2007

50-75% Productive

I came back from Fredericksburg raring to go and jumped right in to work yesterday. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I only got 50-75% of everything I wanted to get done completed. One task was delayed because some faculty had not gotten back to me, so I emailed them again. Don't they realize they're cutting my productivity by 50%?! My mailbox still has over 200 (nearly 300, really) messages in it, but I think what's in there now is unimportant. Everything's been read at least. Then I ventured into meeting hell--back to back meetings from 11 to 4 without a break for lunch. Who has a meeting from 12-1:30 without providing snacks or at least telling us that no food will be provided so that we can bring our own?! And the meeting didn't go well and by the end, we were all cranky and hungry.

Finally, I was planning for a skypecast extravaganza and was trying to get live broadcasting working and just wasn't successful. I believe I know why, but there's no time to get it working before 11 a.m. today. Oh well.

The summer is going to be packed. Once again, I get envious of faculty who are unencumbered during the summer (even though I know they're busy in a sense). Here's a list of what I hope to accomplish this summer:
  • OpenCourseWare site goes live
  • Summer Multimedia Institute--7 students, 14 projects
  • Overhaul of New Media Lab (computers are in!)
  • Video documentation--look for it on your local YouTube channel
  • Defend the dissertation--officially get Ph.D.
  • Run three intense faculty workshops
  • Maybe, just maybe, get some writing or something done
I'm crossing my fingers that all of this gets done. There's three weeks of vacation squeezed in there too, the first of which is just over a month away. It'd be nice to write a post titled 100% complete come August.