Friday, April 27, 2007


My brain is still full and unable to produce truly coherent thought. I am thinking about several issues right now and will try to come up with something more thoughtful later. Here are some links, some related to my thoughts, some random. Also check out my shared items from my reader in the left sidebar.

  1. Bloom's Taxonomy

  2. Instructional Design Models

  3. YouTube - Pat Tillman's family insulted for being atheists by Army

  4. Adventures in Ethics and Science: And the point of publishing scientific findings was what again?

  5. Assigning Collaborative Writing

  6. UWC @ TAMU - Collaborative Writing

  7. Collaborative Writing

  8. Video: RSS in Plain English | Common Craft - Social Design for the Web

  9. Map: Welcome to the Blogosphere | Technology | DISCOVER Magazine